Armsheimer, Johann Josef (russian: Armsgeimer (Armsgeymer), Ivan Ivanovich) 7/19.mar.1860-1933 Germany, Dresden - Russia, Leningrad
trumpeter, military bandmaster, 1879 graduated from St Petersburg Conservatory, 1882-1912 bandmaster of the Life Guard Cavalry Regiment, 1883-1904 trumpeter of the Mikhailovsky orchestra, 1904-1907 at the Mariinsky Theatre in St Petersburg

[birthdate in Julian/Gregorian calendar]

Title Parts

[] In the new world. Ballet
[] At the crossroads. Ballet. Mariinsky Theatre, St Petersburg 1904
[] Sous la feuillee. French opera [] in 1 act
[] Jaegerliv. Danish opera [] in 3 acts
[] Der Oberforster. German opera. St Petersburg 27apr1890 [] in 2 acts
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