Armstrong, Leslie Harold sr. 23.apr.1909-22.apr.1985 USA Washington, La Conner near Mount Vernon - Olympia
saxophonist, baritone singer, conductor, 1925 studied saxophone with M J Running in Mount Vernon, 1926-1930 voice with Eleonora Campbell Maxey in Walla Walla, 1930 AB from Whitman College in Walla Walla, 1934-1936 studied tuba and french horn in Pullman, 1936 MA from State College of Washington, 1930-1936 supervisor of music for public schools in Dayton Washington, 1936 in Olympia, 1946 conductor of the Olympia Symphony Orchestra ; 11.aug.1938 he married Eva Speir ; son educator and choral conductor Leslie Harold jr. (Olympia 25.may.1946-)

Title Parts

[] (details unknown). unpublished compositions
[] The abolition of Santa Claus. Christmas ballad
music Alvin Sumner Curran and Leslie Armstrong, words Joseph G. Mayo
published in the Brown Daily Herald 1959
ms Brown University, Providence Rhode Island
? music by Leslie Harold Armstrong (1909-1985)

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