Armstrong, Robert Temple 30.mar.1927 England Oxfordshire, Headington
member of Rolf Gardiner's Springhead Ring (1930-1970), 1979-1987 Cabinet secretary under Margaret Thatcher, 26.feb.1988 baron of Ilminster Somerset ; son of composer Thomas Henry Wait Armstrong and Hester Draper

Title Parts

[] Ring out ye crystal spheres. Recessional hymn
written for the Dorset Yuletide Springhead Nativity tradition 1955
from the Springhead Christmas Plays (Springhead in Dorset, the family home of the Gardiners who organized the plays)
Monteverdi Choir / John Elliot Gardiner. Philips 462050

[] A grace for 10 Downing Street. Mixed choir
music Herbert Howells, words Robert Armstrong (? Robert Temple Armstrong)
pub Novello, London 1992

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