Arnaud, Giovanni 1807-18?? Italy, Turin - ?, ?
trombonist, bandmaster, 1824 huntsman and 1832 musician in Battaglione di Regina, later studied piano, harmony and reduction of music for band, 1843 trombonist in Pendola's opera 'Giovanna Prima di Napoli' at Regio Teatro Turin, 1845 trombonist in Donizetti's opera 'Gianni di Parigi' at Teatro Carignano Turin, 1845 in Solera's opera 'Giovanna d'Arco' at Regio Teatro Turin, 1846 trombonist in Donizetti's opera 'La rinegata' at Teatro Carignano, 1847 in Magazzari's opera 'La tirolese' at Teatro Carignano, 1849 bandmaster of the 9th Reggimento Fanteria 1853-1854 stationed in Cagliari, 1858 retired due to old age, he is included in the catalogs of Giovanni Ricordi but no composition is mentioned

Title Parts

[] (details unknown). Marcia. Band
possibly published by G. Ricordi, Milan

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