Arnaud, Noel Leon Marius 'Leo' (pseud: Leo Vauchant) 24.jul.1904-26.apr.1991 France, Couzon-au-Mont-d'Or near Lyon - USA North Carolina, Hamptonville
cellist, trombonist, drummer in the band of his father, 1919 studied trombone at Lyon Conservatory, studied music at the Schola Cantorum in Paris where he was active as cellist, trombonist, percussionist and arranger, 1936 emigrated to the USA settling in New York as trombonist and arranger, 1950 as composer for film residing at 628 North Canon Drive in Los Angeles Beverly Hills, he retired to Hamptonville

Title Parts

[] Bugler's dream
an excerpt became the Olympic fanfare
introduced at the Olympic Winter Games Innsbruck 1964
introduced at the Olympic Games Grenoble 1968
Boston Pops / John Towner Williams. Sony 62622

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