Arndt, Felix George 20.may.1889-16.oct.1918 USA NY, New York Manhattan - New York Harmon on Hudson (influenza epidemic)
pianist, studied at the National Conservatory of Music of America in New York City and privately with Alexander Lambert and Carl V Lachmund, in youth he was organist of Trinity Church New York, 1912-1915 pianist with banjoists Fred and Bill Van Eps in the Van Eps Trio, 1913 staff pianist and arranger for Universal Music Company, 1914 also for Aeolian Company, he recorded over 3000 piano rolls for Aeolian Duo-Art and QRS ; son of carpenter Hugo Arndt and 'countess Fevrier of France' Charlotte Harpeur ; 1916 he married composer Nola Locke

Title Parts

[L] Nola. Silhouette. Fox-trot novelette. Piano
copyright Aeolian Co., New York 24mar1915
Sydney Torch piano and celesta, Sydney Torch Orchestra

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