Arndt, Herbert Gustav 4.aug.1889-19?? Germany, Brieg (now Poland, Brzeg) - ?, ?
organist, cantor, choral conductor, studied at the teachers seminary in Brieg, 1912-1914 studied piano, organ and composition with Paul Hielscher in Brieg, 1909-1911 teacher and 1911-1914 merchant in Brieg, 1914-1918 served in WWI, 1919-1939 teacher, 1928-1939 cantor and organist in Kirchlinden (since 1945 Wojslawice), 1939-1945 served in WWII and was SS guard in concentration camp Plaszow, 1945-1949 he was imprisoned, 1948 he was trialed in court but was acquitted and released from prison (3 camp heads were sentenced to death by hanging and all other guards to 4-15 years imprisonment), 1953 residing at Wiedenbrucke 12 in Lippstadt Nordrhein-Westfalen

Title Parts

[] Du unvergessene. Easter cantata. Choir and orchestra. 1911
[] Heil euch, heil, starke helden. Mixed choir. 1919
[] Ehrenvoll ist er gefallen. Mixed choir and brass. 1919
[] Vom willen und der gnade. Lippstadt 1953
words Ernst Moritz Arndt (1769-1860)

[] Gebet. Bass and piano
words G. Falke

[] Wiegenlied. Alto and piano
words P. Dehmel

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