Arnet, G 16??-?? England, ? - ?, ?
assumed that G Arnet is the same as The Reverend Mr. George Arnet

Title Parts

[] The Merry musician or, a cure for the spleen, being a collection of the most diverting songs and pleasant ballads, set to musick adapted to every taste and humour. Together with a curious compound of state pills, to allay the malady of malcontents. For the Flute. Vol. I-IV
pub printed by H. Meere for J. Walsh, London 1716-1733
including a compostition by G. Arnet
[] Strephon and Celia "When Strephon first did try". Tenor and harpsichord
music The Reverend Mr. Geo. Arnet
in The Musical Miscellany. Vol. 6
pub John Watts, London 1731

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