Arnold, Georg 23.apr.1621-16.jan.1676 Austria, Feldsberg (now Czechoslovakia, Valtice) - Germany, Bamberg
organist, 1640-1647 of St Markus in Wolfsberg, 14.sep.1649 organist and 1667 choirmaster at the court in Bamberg ; father of Georg Adam Arnold (Wolfsberg 4.sep.1645-12.sep.1711 Bamberg) 7.apr.1685 court organist in Bamberg

[Felix Lipowsky Baierisches Musik Lexikon Munchen 1811 confused him with Johann Georg Arnold]

Title Parts

[] Omnipotens misericors Deus. 2 Sopranos and bc. ms 1663
Johanna Koslowsky, Mona Spagele, Musica Canterey Bamberg / Gerhard Weinzierl

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