Arnold, George Benjamin 22.dec.1832-31.jan.1902 England Sussex, Petworth - Hampshire, Winchester
organist, pianist, studied organ with Samuel Sebastian Wesley, 1861 DM from Oxford University, 1853-1856 organist at St Columbia College in Rathfarnham Ireland, 1856 of St Mary's in Torquay, 1860-1865 at New College in Oxford, 1865-1902 of Winchester Cathedral, conductor of Dr. Arnold's Choir

Title Parts

[] Ahab. Oratorio. Exeter Hall London 1864, Oxford 1864
[] O Queen of Love. Madrigal
pub Weekes & Co., London 1881

[] Senacherib. Cantata. Gloucester Festival 1883
[] Jubilate Deo in C
pub Novello & Co., London 1899

[] O God, wherefore art Thou absent. Choir and organ
words Psalm 74
Westminster Abbey Choir / A. Lumsden, M. Neary. CD Virgin Records VC759632

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