Arnold, John Dent 3.mar.1890-19.sep.1948 USA Iowa, Garden Grove - California, Los Angeles
songwriter, 1917-1920 as moving picture manager residing at 3519 Sixth Avenue in Des Moines Iowa, 1920 as orchestra musician lodging with private music teacher Nana Wright Pickett at 2400 University Avenue in Des Moines, 1930 as solicitor of a Dry Cleaning Co. residing at 3918 East Fifth Street in Long Beach California, 1942 in business for self advertizing with office and residence at 116 South Figueroa Street in Los Angeles ; son of landlord farmer Guy Perry Arnold (Ohio 4.mar.1842-24.nov.1925 Garden Grove) and Elsie Pauline Howes (Milwaukee Oak Creek 1852-20.sep.1898 Garden Grove) ; 1921 he married Nellie Thomas Williams (Texas, Mexia 4.mar.1890-11.nov.1948 Los Angeles)

Title Parts

[] Amsterdam. Song
words and music by Augustus Barratt, John Arnold and Harry Baisden
pub G. Schirmer, New York / Boston 1916

[] I'll steal you. Song
words and music by Sidney Bartell, John Arnold and Harry Baisden
copyright Bartell, Arnold & Baisden, Des Moines
pub Homer-Garber, Des Moines 28dec1918

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