Arnold, Maurice (ne Strothotte, Maurice Arnold) 19.jan.1865-23.oct.1937 USA Missouri, St Louis - NY, New York
violinist, educated at Friedrich Wilhelm Gymnasium in Berlin, studied music with his mother and at the Cincinnati College of Music, with Max Bruch in Berlin and Gustav Jensen in Koln, teacher theory at the National Conservatory of Music in New York, musical director at the Princess Theatre London and the Progressive Stage Society New York ; son of Dr. Arnold Strothotte (Germany, Gutersloh 28.jan.1827-31.dec.1904 Los Angeles) and Anna Louise Graser (Germany, Bayern 1833-25.feb.1913 Los Angeles) ; 16.may.1908 in Leipzig and London Lambeth he married Elizabeth Rohde (Tubingen 7.nov.1885-1916/1919 New York City) ; 1922 he married music teacher Johanna Appelboom (Netherlands, Brielle 1.apr.1880-1973 New York City)

Title Parts

[] Lady of my heart, say not I'm forsaken. Baritone and piano
pub as Du meines herzens lieb, wie kann ich dich jetzt lassen. Breitkopf & Hartel, Leipzig 1893

[] 2 Pieces. Piano. op29
pub Arthur P. Schmidt, Leipzig-Boston
[] 1 - Melodie
[] 2 - Bolero
[] Valse elegante in d. Walzer. Piano 8-hands. op30
pub Breitkopf & Hartel, Leipzig 1893

[] Little turtle dove. Piano. op31
pub Arthur P Schmidt, Leipzig-Boston
pub as Turteltaubchen Breitkopf & Hartel, Leipzig 1893

[] Minstrel serenade. Violin and piano. op32
pub as Amerikanisches standchen. Breitkopf & Hartel, Leipzig 1894

[] American plantation dances. Orchestra. New York 1894. op33
pub as Amerikanische plantagentanze. Piano 4-hands. Breitkopf & Hartel, Leipzig 1894

[] Souvenir de Seville. Serenade. Piano. op39
pub Fr. Luckhardt, Berlin 1895

[] Symphony no1
conducted by himself in Berlin 1907

[] Dramatic overture
[] Valse. String quartet
[] Duet. Violin and viola
[] Sonata in e. Violin
[] Fugue. Piano 8-hands
[] Tete-a-tete. Piano
[] When at thy doorway, love, I tarry
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston

[] Won't you buy my pretti flowers. Song and chorus
pub Oliver Ditson Co., Boston

[] The wild chase. Cantata. St Louis
[] The merry Benedicts. Comic opera. Criterion Theatre, Brooklyn 1894
[] Cleopatra. Opera
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