Arnold, Pierre Marcel 17.sep.1909-8.sep.1974 France Alsace, Mulhouse - Mulhouse
pianist, organist, conductor, banker and director of a bank in Mulhouse, 1936 as composer member of Societe des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique (SACEM) Paris, he was decorated for his services rendered for acts of resistance in WWII, 18.may.1959 between Le Bemont and Montfaucon he got off the road with his car and crashed into a tree at high speed, his wife Francoise (1916-) died in the accident, he himself suffered rib cage injuries, the youngest of his four children a broken skull, the three others had less serious injuries, 1970 residing at 26 rue de la Wanne in Mulhouse

Title Parts

[] Comme c'est gentil a vous. Fox-trot. Chant et piano
paroles de Noel Tellac
pub Propriete des Auteurs, Mulhouse 1932

[] 5 Lieder us d'r Operette Numme wage dir
text vu Alfred Itty
pub Impr. Linico, ?Mulhouse 1948
[] - Marickele, Marickele
[] - D'r Schireberzler-Walzer
[] Numme wagge dir. Operette alsacienne
libretto Alfred Itty

[] S'Lawe winkt. Operette alsacienne
libretto Alfred Itty

[] Messe pour choeur mixte, orchestre et orgue
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