Arnold, Stephen 18.apr.1946- England Gloucestershire, Tetbury
1964 studied privately in Rome Italy, 1967 BA from the University of Southampton, 1968 MM from the University of Nottingham, 1971 PhD from the University of Southampton, 1971 teacher and director of the electronic music studio at the University of Glasgow

Title Parts

[] Variations. Violin
commented by Yehudi Menuhin "Stephen Arnold Variations Bach 1962"
published Cirencester Gloucestershire 1962
autograph ms signed and dated "Stephen Arnold, Cirencester, December 1961-April 1962", Royal Academy of Music London

[] Fantasia. Clarinet and piano. b1985
[] Variations. Violin and harpsichord. b1985
[] Proverbs. Choir. b1985
[] Lorca songs. Soprano and ensemble. b1985
[] Canons. Choir. b1985
[] O comes amores dolor. b1985
[] Trios. Tape. b1985
[] Lyric from an olden time. Ensemble. b1985
[] Lyricon. Computer-synthesized tape. b1985
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