Arnold, Walter Herbert 22.feb.1870-12.mar.1946 England, London Surrey Croydon - Croydon
teacher of singing and voice production, studied music with Frederick King and Dr. L Foules (? Leonard Nowell Fowles), clubmember of 'Wisdom' Wilton Place, 1934-1946 residing at 28 Fernhurst Road in Croydon, 1939 as divorced musician with his spinster sisters Ada Rosina (Croydon 24.jan.1863-5.nov.1946 Croydon) and Mary Eliza (Croydon 7.jun.1867-15.feb.1951 Croydon) ; son of carpenter Frederick William Arnold (Paddington 17.mar.1831-16.mar.1873 Croydon) and Sarah Elizabeth Trott (Southwark Surrey 17.may.1828-1.feb.1904 Croydon) ; 7.apr.1917 at St Luke in Croydon he married Beatrice Florence Violet Watson (Croydon 12.apr.1888-), divorced before 1928

Title Parts

[] Intermezzo pour piano
pub Reeder & Walsh, London 1897

[] Simita. Valse. Piano
pub Reeder & Walsh, London 1898

[] Sleep thou. Song
words A. J. Kenns
pub H. W. Gill & Co., London 1898

[] My own dear Emerald Isle. Song
words A. J. Keens
pub Orpheus Music Publishing Co., London 1899

[] The moon and the water-lily. Song
words Heine, translation E. Lazarus
pub Reeder & Walsh, London 1901

[] Dreaming. Song. In D minor and F minor
the words translated from Heine by A. Strettell
pub Leonard & Co., London 1902

[] Consolation. Song
words F. Hamilton
pub Laudy & Co., London 1906

[] My heart's secret. Song
English words translated from Heine by S. Maurice
pub Laudy & Co., London 1906

[] Jasmine. Intermezzo for the pianoforte
pub Leonard & Co., London 1908

[] Until the dawn. Song
words E. Teschemacher
pub J. Church Co., London 1908

[] At the evening hour. Song. Medium voice and piano
words Edward Teschemacher
pub Enoch & Sons, London 1909

[] Could I forget. Song. b1935
[] When I'm at rest. Song. b1935
[] E'en as a lovely flower. Song. b1935
[] Voix des Anges. Piano. b1935
[] 2 Waltzes. b1935
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