Arnold, Wilfred 18??-19?? England, ? - ?, ?
pseudonym for unknown (in copyright terms this need not mean more than that he published under a different forename than the forename he used in private life), 1936 under the pseudonym Wilfred Arnold as composer member of the Performing Right Society (PRS) London, although he seems to have composed in 1919 only

some sources give his name as C Wilfred Arnold suggesting that the art director had been the composer, this is very unlikely but not impossible :

Arnold, Charles Wilfred 12.feb.1903-9.jun.1970 England Lancashire, Ormskirk - London Harrow
art director for film, not identified as composer, 1928 as art dealer residing at Willow Cottage somewhere near Petersham Surrey, 1939-1970 as film technician art director and interior designer/architect residing at 5 West Drive Harrow Weald in London Harrow ; son of commercial traveller George William Arnold (Derbyshire, Cressbrook 1859-27.nov.1923 Surrey, Petersham) and Sarah Elizabeth Pollitt (Manchester Strangeways 12.apr.1859-1941 Liverpool) ; brother of art director Norman Gregory Arnold (Lancashire, Culcheth 19.sep.1892-7.dec.1963 Harrow) ; 18.feb.1928 at All Saints in Petersham Surrey he married May Lilian Lloyd (London Shoreditch 18.mar.1901-a1965 Harrow)

Title Parts

[] Mistress Penelope. Georgian dance. Piano
dedication : ballet mistress Penelope Spencer
pub Bosworth & Co., London 20jul 1919

[] Moon magic (Danse des fantomes). Piano (foreign fingering)
pub Bosworth & Co., London 30dec1919
this music was often used for (silent) movies in the 1920s

[] Ashes of roses (Cendres de roses). Valse triste. Piano
pub Bosworth & Co., London 30dec1919

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