Arnoldi, Guido 19.dec.1896-13.jun.1958 Austria, Innsbruck - Italy, Trento
conductor, italian, active in Czechoslovakia for a greater part of his life, 1923 completed his studies with Frantisek Neumann and J Kunze at Brno Conservatory, 1923-1924 director of the music school in Prostejov, 1924-1925 guest conductor in Italy, 1926-1930 he was engaged in opera and operetta operations in the Theater of Associated Cities of the East Bohemian and Czech North in Pardubice, 1930 conductor of opera at the Municipal German Theater in Liberec, 1936-1941 conductor of opera at the Provincial Theater in Brno, 1936-1942 professor at Brno Conservatory, 1942-1945 conductor at La Scala Milan, after 1945 he maintained occasional contacts with Czechoslovakia, 1954 he conducted the FOK orchestra at the Prague Spring Festival in a performance of his 4th symphony

Title Parts

[] Selbstbetrug. Lied. Voice and piano. 1912
gedicht von Goethe
autograph ms 25mar1912 Biblioteca Comunale di Trento

[] Il pellegrinaggio a Kevlaar ( Pilgrimage to Kevlaar). Poema sinfonico. 19nov1923
[] Variazioni e Rondo. Piano. Brno 25mar1927
dedication : Dedica a Aldo Zaniboni

[] Truffaldino, der diener zweier herren. Opera. 24mar1931
[] Jitrom pisen. Song. Voice and piano
words J. Wolker

[] Symphony no1
[] Symphony no2
[] 3a Sinfonia. 1948
dedication : Dedica a Umberto Corsini

[] Quarta sinfonia. 1951
performed by the Prague FOK orchestra conducted by himself at the Prague Spring Festival, Prague 1954

[] Sinfonie no5
[] Symphony no6
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