Arnott, Florence 'Flora' Elliot 1878-22.sep.1966 Scotland, Inverness - Inverness
contralto mezzosoprano singer, 1881 residing with her parents and one servant at 6 Ness Bank in Inverness, 1891 residing with her parents and 2 servants at Longman Seabank House in Inverness, 17.feb.1900 as gentlewoman (not as singer) she was guest at a Royal meeting of the duke and duchess of Connaught at Dublin Castle attended by all dukes, counts, earls, lords of Ireland, 15.mar.1900 she won 2nd prize in the class Skye terrier and 5th prize in the class Fox terrier puppy in the 5th annual Dog Show at Elgin by the Elgin Canine Society at Market Green Auction Mart Coy's, she moved to London where she gained immense success as concert singer, 1913-1915 she also sung on many occasions at the resort town Eastbourne, 2.jun.1915 she left London for a 3 weeks' tour in France to give concerts to the soldiers, the week of 19.jul.1916 she sang to the soldiers at the front at the Bedford in London, 23.oct.1918 Miss Florence Arnott the famous Scottish contralto who has sung at 1000 concerts for soldiers carried off the Gold Cup at the Dublin Horse Show, 1920 she sang with immense success 'Remember me, dear friend' by Evelyn Sharpe, 1921 residing at 19a Marylebone Road she moved to her husbands house at 37 Gloucester Place in Marylebone, 1925 residing with her husband at 37 Gloucester Place, 1930-1941 residing with her husband at 22 North Audley Street in London Mayfair, 1946-1957 residing alone at 22 North Audley Street, she died at Craig Dunain Hospital in Inverness ; daughter of live stock agent James Arnott (Inverness 1844-) and Susanna Stewart Roe (England c1852-) ; 8.jun.1921 at St Marylebone parish church in London as 42 year old spinster she married the 51 year old bachelor consul general of Serbs Croats & Slovenes Yovan Urosh Yovanovitch (1869-c1942)

Title Parts

[] La Joya. Valse lente. Pianoforte
pub W. Paxton & Co., London 1912

[] La Joya. Valse lente
arr. for military band John William Cole
pub Boosey & Co., London 1913

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