Arnstein, Alexander Nicolaus 31.dec.1847-19.sep.1895 Germany, Berlin - England Sussex, Brighton
violinist, 6.jan.1848 baptized at Sankt Georgen in Berlin, 1876-1880 active as musician in Berlin, given the success of his music he has remarkably little published, 1884 he had emigrated to England, 1887-1888 residing at 1 Great Prescott Street in London Tower Hamlets, 1890-1893 as musician residing at 15 Clifton Street in London Shoreditch Hoxton, he was conductor at the Garrick Theatre in London, September 1892 he lost his sight from overwork and other causes, he moved to Brighton hoping to recover at the seaside, 18.aug.1893 he played the violin at a musical soiree given for his benefit at hotel Oaklands, Cavendish Place in Brighton, at time of death residing at 14 Temple Street, he died from a sudden heart failure, 2.feb.1893-14.mar.1893, 1.apr.1893-8.jan.1894 and 3.jul.1907 until death his wife was admitted as lunacy patient to Camberwell House Asylum, Grove Hall Asylum and Horton Asylum Epsom respectively ; son of physician/lung specialist Hosiasib Arnstein (Russia, Libau now Liepaja 1806-3.dec.1890 Berlin Mariendorf) and Dorothee Caroline Kessler ; 5.jan.1878 in Berlin he married physician's daughter Johanne Caroline Eleonore Graae (Copenhagen 12.oct.1859-7.jan.1915 Surrey, Epsom) ; daughter Agnes (Copenhagen 1879-), son William Alexander (Shoreditch 1884-)

Title Parts

[] Elisa-Marsch. Piano
pub M. Leichssenring, Hamburg 1876

[] Hirsch in der tanzstunde. Polka. Piano
Polka nach dem bravour-coupler des Theatre Americain gespielt im Circus Renz (Berlin) zu Cotrelli's giraffen tanz
also arranged for orchestra
pub Karl Simon, Berlin 1876
as Soloscherz with words by Wilhelm Dalatkewicz recorded Berlin 1906 by the Gustav Schonwald Orchester, Beka Records 9803

[] Im Circus Renz. Walzer. Piano. op11
also arranged for orchestra
pub Karl Simon, Berlin 1877

[] Die uhr (The clock). Humoristische polka mit gesang. Piano with voice. op14
also arranged for piano and violin and for orchestra
pub S. Philipp & Sohn, Berlin 1880
pub Carl Fischer Inc., New York 1882
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston
pub Hamilton S. Gordon, New York
pub George Willig & Co., Baltimore

[] Souvenir. Polka for the pianoforte
pub J. & W. Chester, Brighton 1894

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