Aromatari, Edoardo (Eduardo) 1850-?? Italy, Rome - Argentina, Buenos Aires
pianist, studied music with Giovanni Sgambati in Rome, 1874 he studied harmony and counterpoint with Joseph Rheinberger in Munchen Germany, 1881 after having been active in several european cities he returned to Italy to become teacher of music in Milan, 1885 moved to Buenos Aires where he was active for several years as teacher piano and choral conductor, 1886 he conducted the choir of Academia Alemana de Canto, 25.may.1891 from Buenos Aires he wrote Giacomo Puccini in Lucca about the last months of his brother Michele Puccini (Lucca 19.apr.1864-12.mar.1891 Petropolis) who died from yellow fever and was his best friend, 1895 still single he lived in Buenos Aires with his mother mezzosoprano Angelica Aromatari (1829-) ; ? related to Giovanni and Pietro Aromatari

Title Parts

[] Herbstblatter. Funf characterstucke fur piano. op2
dedication: Meinem lieben freunde Florentin Loew gewidmet
pub C. Warmuths Musikverlag, Christiania 1876
[] 1 - Hoffnung
[] 2 - Erwartung
[] 3 - Unruhe
[] 4 - Lebe wohl
[] 5 - Die blatter fallen
[] Desir. Romance sans paroles pour piano. op6/1
pub Margueritat, Paris 1881
pub G. Ricordi, Milan

[] Triste histoire. Feuille d'album pour piano. op6/2
dedication: A mon ami Pietro Lanciani
pub Margueritat, Paris 1881
pub G. Ricordi, Milan

[] Venise. Barcarolle pour piano. op6/3
dedication: A madame E. Garnier
pub Margueritat, Paris 1881
pub G. Ricordi, Milan & Wickins & Co., London

[] Gavotte Piano. op7
pub G. Ricordi, Milan

[] Gia il sol dal monte. op8
pub G. Ricordi, Milan

[] Melancolie. Romance sans paroles pour piano
dedication: A madame Gabrielle de Gravillon
pub Durand Schoenewerk, Paris & P. Clot, Lyon 1874
pub as Melankoli. Salonstykke C. Warmuth, Christiania (Oslo)

[] L'addio del marinaro. Barcarole for pianoforte
pub G. Ricordi, Milan & C. Warmuth, Christiania (Oslo) 1876

[] Barcarola. Piano. 1885
[] Polonesa en fa mayor. Piano. 1886
[] Polonia. Polonesa. Piano. 1886
dedication: a Clementino del Ponte

[] Ballade fantastique. Piano. 1886
[] Gefunden. Song. 1886
[] Al sol lucente. Piano
pub Mariani, Milan 1891

[] I fiorellini. Piano
pub Mariani, Milan 1891

[] Rimembranza. Piano. 1891
[] Olga "Ricordi di Odessa". Canzonetta. Piano
pub in Mundo del Arte, Ano I, No 3, 23nov1891

[] Al bosco andavo. Piano
pub Mariani, Milan

[] Buenos Ayres. Habanera
pub Mariani, Milan

[] Canzone di Mime nel Sigfrido di Wagner. Atto I. Parte II. Trascrizione facilitata. Piano
pub G. Ricordi, Milan

[] E freddo il di. Piano
pub Mariani, Milan

[] Favorit-Rondo. Piano
pub C. Warmuth, Christiania (Oslo)

[] Pensamiento funebre. Piano
pub Mariani, Milan

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