Aronowicz (Aronowitz) (Aharonovits), Dan 1907-1981 Poland, Mlava - Israel, Tel Aviv
conductor, critic, son of a cantor, 1909 grew up in Pultusk Poland, 1928-1931 studied at the National Conservatory in Warsaw, 1932 studied with Cesar Franck at the Ecole Superieure de musique in Paris, cantor at the synagogue Ashkenazi on Rue des Tournelles in Paris, 1947 emigrated to Israel, choral conductor at the Great Synagogue in Haifa, teacher at the Conservarory in Tel Aviv, critic for music and theater of the French daily 'L'Information', 19.may.1981 a review on the music of Haik-Vantoura appeared in the Israel Journal Tel Aviv

Title Parts

[] Kabbalat Shabbat. Cantor, mixed choir and organ. Haifa 8mar1949
dedication: to Mr. David J. Putterman, Cantor of the Great Temple of New York
[] 1 - Lecha dodi
[] 2 - Mikdash melech
[] 3 - Hittoreri
[] 4 - Boi veshalom
[] Psalm 46. Choir. Tel Aviv 1955
[] Psalm 137. Choir. Tel Aviv 1955
[] Im haeven hayerushalmit. Song. Voice and piano
pub Israeli Composers Association Publications, Tel-Aviv 1955

[] Four pieces. Mixed choir a cappella. 1957
words Psalms, Yehuda Karni and Yacov Cohen

[] Yerushalayim (Jerushalayim). Mixed choir. Tel Aviv 1972
dedicated to Stanley Sperber
words Chaim Grade, hebrew Zalman Shazar

[] Children on roller skates (Yeladim al sketim). Violin and piano. 1973
pub Makhon le-musikah Yisre'elit, Tel-Aviv 1980

[] The return to Zion. Orchestra. 1973
in honor of the 25th anniversary of the State of Israel

[] Overture in C. Orchestra
[] Kol Nidrei. Symphonic poem
[] Chedvat hanefesh. Symphonic poem
[] Hashachar. Symphonic poem
[] Hashkiveinu. Liturgy
[] String quartet
[] Oriental piece. Harp
[] Danse hassidique
[] La nuit sur le Mont Carmel. Harp
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