Aronowitz, John 21.mar.1913-27.feb.1971 South Africa, King William's Town - England, Norwich
pianist, received his first musical lessons from Sister Cecilia at the Convent of the Sacred Heart in King William's Town, 1928-1929 studied with Horace Barton in Johannesburg, 1930 studied with Claude Pollard at the Royal Academy of Music in London, 1935 opened an academy of music in East London South Africa, 1939-1942 residing in London England he served in the English Army until invalided out, 1942-1946 studied with Harold Craxton, 1944 active as pianist again he toured the UK, Canada and the Netherlands and played in the Halle and Bournemouth orchestras, 1948 member of the Durban Orchestra, back in London he composed music for documentary films, 1950-1954 with his brother residing at 32 Emperor's Gate in London Kensington, 1956-1958 with his wife at 23 Heathfield Park in London Willesden, 1959-1960 with his wife at 45 Cavendish Road in London Willesden, 1959 he and his wife opened a ballet school in Norwich for which he composed music and played the piano ; brother of pianist Alice (King William's Town 27.nov.1914-) and violist Cecil (King William's Town 4.mar.1916-) ; 5.mar.1954 he married ballerina Janet M Roe

Title Parts

[] Piano concerto

[] (details unknown). music for documentary films. 1951-1959
[] (details unknown). music composed for the ballet school in Norwich. 1959-

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