Arpad, Jeno 18??-?? Hungary, ? - ?, ?
23.sep.1867 he transferred the right to publish the piano adaptation
of his autographed manuscript of the 'Uncle Lajos songs' to the company of Herren Rozsavolgyi & Comp. in Pesth

Title Parts

[] Magyarorszag honvedegyleteinek. Lajos bacsi dalai (To the Hungarian Defense Forces. Songs of uncle Lajos). Piano
pub Rozsavolgyi, Pesth (Budapest) Hungary 1868
republished after the death of Lajos Kossuth (19sep1802-20mar1894) in Budapest April 1894

originally a song on words by lawyer Lajos Kossuth, who set the rebellion in motion which led to the failed War of Independence 1848-1849

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