Arredondo, Eugenio 18??-?? Spain, ?Madrid - ?, ?
guitarist, 1878-1887 leader of the musical group Estudiantina Espanola Figaro formed 26.feb.1878 in Madrid to perform 3-17.mar.1878 at the Carnaval de Paris de 1878, Dionisio Granados was the director and impresario, 1884 the group performed in Vienna Austria, 10.apr.1887 performed at theatre Kiralyfogas in Debrecen Hungary, 11.apr.1887 still with Eugenio Arredondo as the leader the group signed for a season at theatre Nagyapo in Budapest Hungary, 1878-1887 the group performed before Her Majesty's Erzsebeth and Emperor of Nemethon, Emperor and Empress of Russia, Persian Sultan Schach, Alfons XII King of Spain and Maria Christina Queen of Spain, Belgium, the kings of Denmark, Greece, Olsztyn and Wurttemberg, His Majesty the Grand Duke of Egypt, Vladimir the Russian Grand Duke, the Crown Prince of Nemethon, Prince Georg of Prussia and Amalia Friderika of Prussia, Prince Lajos Nandor of Bavaria, Duchess Da Maria de la Paz de Bourbon of Spain, the Prince of Sachsen-Weimar and the Presidents of Ireland and the Swiss Republic, 1880 and 1882-1887 in the USA, 1892 the group was disbanded, the group had several leaders, unknown for how long after 1887 it was under the leadership of Arredondo and for how long he was a member

Title Parts

[] Repertoire de l'Estudiantina Espanola pour piano
pub Em. Wetzler, Vienna 1884
[] 1 - Les Amigos. Valse espagnole
[] 2 - Vienna l'Americana
[] Carino. Mazurka para guitarra
pub Edicion Forti, Madrid 19??
ms University of Southern California, Los Angeles
pub Madrid Biblioteca Fortea D.L. 1972
ms Biblioteca Nacional de Espana, Madrid

[] Cosmopolit. Potpourri
performed by Estudiantina Espanola under Eugenio Arredondo in Budapest Hungary 11apr1887-

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