Arregui Trecet, Miguel 19.nov.1894-12.jan.1944 Spain Biscay, Sestao - Bilbao
organist, born at 14 calle Rivas, 20.nov.1894 baptized at parroquial de Santa Maria, 1910 the family moved to 5 calle Amistad in Bilbao, studied piano, organ and composition with Jesus Guridi and Aureliano Valle at Academia Vizcaina de Musica in Bilbao, he won first prize in piano and organ, 1920-1944 professor of piano, organ and composition at Conservatorio de Bilbao, because of his affinity to the Partido Nacionalista Vasco he lost this job for a while, 1923 organist of Iglesia de los Padres Agustinos in Bilbao (also known as Iglesia de los fascistas), 1927 pianist of Cafe Iruna in Bilbao, 1926-1944 conductor of Masa Coral del Ensanche in Bilbao, 1941 he founded the vocal group Los Xey in San Sebastian ; son of Felipe Vicente de Arregui Azurmendi (Arrasate 1851-) and Manuela Francisca Evarista de Trecet Arana (Pasaia 1858-) ; 4.jan.1930 in Donostia he married singer Maria Jesus Lizarraga Arana (d. 17.feb.1971)

Title Parts

[] La leyenda de un rey. Melodrama. 1922
music with Victor Zubizarreta
libretto Federico Urcaregui

[] Sorginetxe. Sainete lirico. Lyrical farce. Bilbao and Madrid 1930/1940
[] El Menu. Song. Choir. 1927
dedicated to the 25th anniversary year of Cafe Iruna
music from Der Speisezettel by Carl Friedrich Zollner (Mittelhausen 1800-1860 Leipzig)
arrangement and castilian words (of the complete menu of Cafe Iruna) by Miguel Arregui
performed by his choir Coral del Ensanche, Bilbao 19aug1928
performed by his vocal group Los Xey at the Tivoli Theatre Barcelona 1943 and throughout Spain

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