Arroyo (Arroio), Joao Marcelino 4.oct.1861-18.may.1930 Portugal, Oporto - Colares
statesman, amateur pianist and composer, 1884 professor of law at the University of Coimbra where he founded the Academic Choral Society, 1890-1910 Minister of State in Lisbon, winegrower in Colares, remaining faithful to his spanish origin he never used the portuguese spelling of his name Arroio ; son of composer Jose Francisco

Title Parts

[] Musica de piano
printed by C. G. Roder, Leipzig 1908-1909
[] Esquisses 1 a 5. op1
[] Esquisses 6 a 10. op2
[] Histoire simple. op3
[] Theme avec variations. op4
[] Scherzo. op5
[] Angoscia. op6/1
[] Charmante. op6/2
[] Caprice. op7
[] Pourquoi? op8/1
[] Intermezzo. op8/2
[] Air de danse, a la polonaise. op9
[] Ballade. op10
[] Novellen I. op11/1
[] Novellen II. op11/2
[] Novellen III. op12
[] Novellen IV. op13
[] Novellen V. op14/1
[] Novellen VI. op14/2
[] Valse a l'hongroise. op15
[] Histoire simple. Piano. op3
pub Sassetti, Lisbon

[] 2e Poeme symphonique, pour orchestre. op26
pub Schott, Mainz 1914
[] 1 - Recit dramatique (Dramatic story)
[] 2 - Grace consolatrice (Consoling grace)
[] 3 - Revolte et apaisement (Revolt and abatement)
[] Amor e perdicao. Dramma lirico. Teatro San Carlos, Lisbon 2mar1907
libretto Francisco Braga after the novel Amor e perdicao by Camilo Castelo Branco
the performance was a national event in the presence of the royal family and all members of the government and the biggest success that ever took place at Teatro San Carlos
performed with the same overwhelming success at the National Theatre, Hamburg Germany 25jan1910

[] Amor. Symphonic poem. Orchestra
pub Lisbon 1913

[] Leonor Tellez (Leonora Telles). Opera. Lisbon 1945
libretto Joao Marcelino Arroyo, italian translation Arturo Collauti

[] Promenade Madrilene. Piano
[] Marchande d'eau. Piano
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