Arseyev, Ivar Aleksandrovich 13.jan.1937-20.nov.2012 Russia, Moscow - Moscow
pianist, 1959 graduated in piano under Grigory R Ginzburg and 1962 in composition under Anatoly N Aleksandrov from Moscow Conservatory, 1961-1964 research fellow of the Glinka Central Museum of Musical Culture, 1964-1966 editor of the main edition of the Symphony Division All-Union Radio, in the last years of his life he taught composition to children in the Moscow music schools, 2011 still active in Moscow

Title Parts

[] Iz poezii Tyutcheva (From the poetry of Tiutchev). Voice and piano. 1956
[] Sonatina. Violin and piano. 1958
[] Malenkiye ballady (Little ballad). Voice and piano. 1958
words F. Garcia Lorca

[] Sonatina. Piano. 1959
[] Stikhotvoreniya sovetskikh poetov (The poems of Soviet poets). Voice and piano. 1959
[] Nasha partiya (Our party). Cantata. 1960
words M. Isakovskogo

[] Suzdalskiye peyzazhi (Suzdal landscape). Suite for piano. 1960
[] Syuita (Suite). Piano. 1960
[] Sonata. Clarinet and piano. 1960
[] Iz muzyki narodov SSSR (Music of the peoples of the USSR). Suite for orchestra. 1960
[] Poema-skertso (Poem-scherzo). Orchestra. 1961
[] Liricheskaya kantata (Lyrical cantata). Cantata. 1962
words traditional

[] Malenkiye pyesy (Little pieces). String ensemble. 1962
[] Andaluzskiye kartiny (Andalusian pattern). Voice and piano. 1963
[] Rapsodiya (Rhapsody). Orchestra. 1964
[] Syuita (Suite). Trombone quartet. 1965
[] 2 Pyesy (2 Pieces). Ensemble of cellos. 1966
[] Partita v klassicheskom stile (Partita in classical style). Piano. 1966
[] Syuita (Suite). Choir a cappella. 1967
[] Dramaticheskiye monologi (Dramatic monologue). Voice and piano. 1969
words T. Levazitisa / B. Slutskogo

[] Liricheskiye monologi (Lyrical monologue). Voice and piano. 1970
words A. Yamina

[] Dramaticheskiye variatsii (Dramatic variations). Orchestra. 1972
[] Watercolors. Diptych for choir
1st prize in the category Children Music, 4th Open All-Russian Composer Competition "Choir Laboratory XXI Century", Music for Children and Youth 9may2011

[] Based on Russian folk songs. Triptych for choir
2nd prize in the category Music based on folk texts as well as adaptations of folk songs, 4th Open All-Russian Composer Competition "Choir Laboratory XXI Century", Music for Children and Youth 9may2011

[] Musikalische bilder (Musical pictures). Piano [] - Die sonne lachelt
[] - Der morgen beginnt
[] - Ein frohlicher tag
[] - Die sterne leuchten am abend
[] - Es waren einmal drei baren
[] - Rotkappchen und der wolf
[] - Der elefant und der kleine hund
[] - Im nachtlichen vorposten
[] - Hell klingen die trompeten
[] - Tanz der jungen
[] - Tanz der madchen
[] - Irgendwo wird maschiert
[] - Mutter und vater unterhalten sich
[] Muzykalnyye zarisovki (Musical sketches). Piano
[] Music in ancient modes. Piano
[] Yaponskiye akvareli (Japanese watercolor). Voice and piano
words on a poem of Matsu Base

[] Vot i leto proshlo (The summer is over). Voice and piano
on poems of modern Russian poets

[] Do svidan'ya, drug moy (Good-bye, my friend). Voice and piano
on verses of Sergey Yesenin

[] Neizvestnomu soldatu (Unknown soldier). Cantata. Choir a cappella
[] Iz-za gory veter veyet (Because of the mountain wind blows). Cantata. Choir a cappella
[] Liricheskiye peyzazhi (Lyrical landscape). Cantata. Choir a cappella
[] Polifonicheskiy kvartet (Polyphonic quartet). Flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon
[] Syuita dlya trekh trombonov i tuby (Suite for three trombones and tuba)
[] Muzyka v starinnom dukhe (Music in the old spirit). Harpsichord
[] Korablik (Ship). Song
[] Zvezdnaya pesnya (Star song). Song
[] Matreshki-ozornitsy (Matryoshka-sluts). Song
[] Spasibo (Thank you). Song
[] Pro tyuleney (Pro seals). Song
[] Kto kogo boitsya (Who is afraid of someone). Song
[] Muzyka prazdnika (Music festival). Symphony orchestra
[] Poema-variatsii (Poem variations). Symphony orchestra
[] Sibir (Siberia). Oratorio. Soloists, chorus and orchestra
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