Arteaga Torruella, Cecilia Genoveva de (fem) 22.oct.1898-1.mar.1991 Puerto Rico, Ponce - USA NY, New York
pianist, organist, 1907 studied music with her father at his Academia de Arteaga in San Juan Santurce, 1909-1913 at Collegio del Sagrado Corazon in Santurce, 13.aug.1917 traveled with her mother to New York, 1920 residing with her widowed father in Rio Piedras, 7.oct.1920 settled with her father and four brothers in New York, 1922 graduated from the New York College of Music, 1929-1937 founder/director of the Chopin Music Academy (1933 San Juan Conservatory), she was active in New York and Puerto Rico and 1936-1950 made many world tours as pianist with violinist Andres S Dalmau, 1955 settled in New York ; daughter of pianist Julio Carlos Eduardo de Arteaga (Ponce 29.oct.1864-5.sep.1923 New York Bronx) and singer Nicolasa Torruella y Molina (Ponce 11.oct.1875-) ; 1923 she married Eduardo Fort (Puerto Rico, Mayaguez 23.may.1890-) ; 7.aug.1928 in Ponce she married Pedro Serra Gumina, divorced c1934 ; 1948 in Venezuela she married violinist Andres S Dalmau (Argentina, Rosario 1880-1955)

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[] Puerto Rican dances. Piano
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