Arteta Foruria, Jose Ramon 3.jul.1934- Spain Biscay, Izpazter
studied with Tomas Aragues and Victor Zubizarreta at Bilbao Conservatory, studied humanity, philosophy and theology with the Sacramentine Fathers, studied gregorian chant and polyphony with Samuel Rubio, 1958 he abandoned his musical activities to become educator with the P.P. Piarists in Tolosa, 1973 started studies counterpoint, fugue and composition with Francisco Escudero, 1976 founder/conductor of Coral Eresoinka in Tolosa ; father of soprano Ainhoa Arteta (Tolosa 24.sep.1964-)

Title Parts

[] Gaztearoak (Urtearoak). Choir and orchestra. 1984
won the international prize for composition

[] String quartet. 1986
[] Sinfonia. Orchestra. 1987
[] Piano concerto. 1988
[] Piano concerto. 1990
[] Agur Maria
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