Artz, Carl Maria 10.jun.1887-21.jul.1963 Germany, Dusseldorf - Oberbayern, Altenbeuren
conductor, 1905-1909 studied music with Julius Buths and Otto Neitzel at Dusseldorf Conservatory, 1909 studied composition with Felix Draeseke at Dresden Conservatory and piano with Josef Pembauer in Leipzig, 1913-1921 conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic, 1919-1924 conductor in Stavanger Norway, 1924 in Bad Homburg, 1925-1927 in Valetta Malta, 1927-1928 in Vienna, 1928-1929 in Schaffhausen, 1930-1936 teacher at Dusseldorf Conservatory and conductor in Dusseldorf, 1936-1940 conductor in Meiningen, 1940-1945 director of Sondershausen Conservatory, 1944-1945 conductor of the Staatskapelle in Weimar

Title Parts

[] Am toten Maar. Symphonic poem. 1916. op26
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