Arundel, Frederick 'Fred' Joseph-Mari 2.apr.1871-14.apr.1929 England, Brighton - USA NY, New York Manhattan
conductor, producer, 1886 emigrated to the USA, 1898 residing in Philadelphia, 20.dec.1909 he was musical director for 'The merry widow and the devil' at the Columbia Theatre in Washington DC, 1912 residing in New York City, 1915-1924 often residing with his parents-in-law in Delhi NY, 1918 he had been musical director for three years of the films 'A birth of a nation' and 'Intolerance', 12.mar.1923 he became naturalized American, 1923 he traveled to Europe for presentation of 'The covered wagon', 1925 as musician residing at 459 Sixth Street in Brooklyn, he died of pneumonia following a stomach operation ; 24.dec.1901 in Dayton Ohio he married Lora Adelaide Lieb (Iowa, Dubuque 4.jul.1879-) ; 17.apr.1907 in Manhattan he married Helene Mason (Delhi 14.jun.1882-) ; daughter Edith Mason (Manhattan 8.dec.1909-) ; daughter Hope Mason (Brooklyn 21.feb.1925-)

Title Parts

[] Only you and I
pub J. R. Bell, Kansas City Missouri 1895

[] Love's ideal
pub John Church Co., Cincinnati Ohio 1896

[] If we should never meet
pub Oliver Ditson Co., Boston 1896

[] Monarch of the waves waltzes. Piano
dedication: to the North German Lloyd S.S. Co. (owner of the ship Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse)
pub Hamilton S. Gordon, New York 7may1898
pub for orchestra Hamilton S. Gordon, New York 19jul1898

[] King special bicycle march. Piano
pub Charles Heuer, Philadelphia 1898
copyright Fred Arundel, Philadelphia 20jun1898

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