Arzumanov (Arzoumanov), Valery Grantovich 3.aug.1944- Russia Komi, Vorkuta
violinist, 1958-1963 studied violin and composition at the Special School of Music in Leningrad, 1968 teacher composition at the Special School of Music and teacher orchestration at Leningrad Conservatory, 1974 emigrated to France, 1974-1978 studied with Olivier Messiaen at Conservatoire de Paris

Title Parts

Trio. Piano, violin and cello. 1996. op183
Frank van der Laar, Alexander Skwortsov, Anton Istomin

[] String quartet no1. 1962
[] String quartet no2. 1963. op10
[] String quartet no3. 1966. op27
[] Mir. Musique romantique for viola, string orchestra and church bell. 1990. op125
[] Piano quartet. Violin, viola, cello and piano. 1993
[] Sonata. Violin and cello. 1996
[] De l'aube au crepuscule. 3 Chansons russes for viola and piano. 1997. op178
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