Ascher, Joseph Simon 3.jun.1829-20.jun.1869 Netherlands, Groningen - England, London
jewish pianist, 1832 his family moved to London where his father became cantor at the synagogue, 1846 studied with Ignaz Moscheles in London and Leipzig, 1849 he went to Paris, becoming court pianist to Empress Eugenie, in his short life he composed numerous salon pieces which were hugely popular worldwide in his time ; son of cantor Simon Moshe Ascher (Germany 1796-30.nov.1872 London) and Eva Elkan (Germany, Holstein 1806-7.mar.1893 London)

Title Parts

[L] Alice where art thou. Song. 1861
Mischa Elman violin, Orchestra / Josef Pasternack. r1921

[] Tarantella di bravura. Piano. op1
pub Hofmeister, Leipzig 1851

[] L'esperance. Nocturne pour piano. op3
pub Schott, Mainz 1854

[] L'esperance. Nocturne pour piano. op3
arr. for E flat clarinet solo and military band
in Boosey's Military Journal, series 95 no.3
pub (as F. Ascher) Boosey Co., London 1893

[] Seguedille sur l'opera de X. Boisellot "Mosquita, la sorciere". op20
pub B. Schott, Mainz 1852

[] Ave Maria, meditation religieuse pour le piano. op66
pub B. Schott, Mainz 1858

[] Marinilla, impromptu-mazurk pour piano. op126
pub B. Schott, Mainz 1866

[] L'Amour du passe. Idylle. Piano. op128
his last opus number
pub B. Schott, Mainz

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