Aschero, Sergio 8.jun.1945- Argentina, Buenos Aires
pianist, studied at Conservatorio Nacional Lopez Buchardo in Buenos Aires and Conservatorio de Rio de Janeiro Brazil, founder of Quinteto de Viento and Coro de Camara de Jujuy, 1966 studied the music of the chachuanca people of Jujuy for which he invented a musical notation to make notation possible, he called it Sistema musical Aschero, 1968 moved to Spain were he formed the duo Los Juglares, 1975 returned to Buenos Aires, founded a center for musical education, musical director of Teatro San Martin, 1988 moved to Spain were he promoted his Aschero musical notation

Title Parts

[] Trio. Violin, viola and cello. 1960. op2
[] Microtiempo. Piano. 1961
[] Concierto para dos pianos. 1966
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