Ash (ne Aschenbrenner), Paul Robert 11.feb.1891-13.jul.1958 Germany Sachsen, Bautzen - USA NY, New York Manhattan
pianist, violinist, conductor, 25.sep.1891 emigrated to the USA Milwaukee Wisconsin, 1908-1910 studied piano with Charles Hambitzer in Milwaukee, 1916 legally changed his name to Ash, 1918 Paul Ash and his Synco-Symphonists played at Granada and Imperial Theatres in San Francisco, 1925-1927 at the Oriental Theatre in Chicago, 1927-1930 at Paramount Theatres in Manhattan and Brooklyn, 1936-1952 director of the Roxy Theatre in New York ; son of music teacher Robert Heinrich Aschenbrenner (Germany 18.oct.1859-9.jul.1927 Milwaukee) and Johanna Amelia 'Emilie' Bautzen (Germany 1.jul.1862-5.jun.1910 Milwaukee) ; 22.apr.1917 in Alameda California he married Ida Gold (New York 17.sep.1896-5.may.1976 Los Angeles)

Title Parts

[] Looking at the world through rose colored glasses. Song. 1924
[] Thinking of you. Song. 1925
[] That's why I love you. Song. 1925
[] Rosa Lee. Song
[] Hosier sweetheart. Song
[] I'm knee deep in daisies. Song
[] Pesticatin' mama. Song
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