Ashe, Frederic Henry 26.mar.1917-25.jan.1966 USA Michigan, Detroit - Florida, Miami
graduated from Highschool in Canonsburg Pennsylvania, studied at the University of Miami Florida, 1940 he played in Hem Olson' Orchestra at Granada Groves Court in Miami, 20.feb.1945-9.aug.1945 residing in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania he was in active military service, 20.jun.1946-28.jun.1946 residing in Miami he was in active military service, teacher harmony, instrumentation and composition at the University of Miami, aged 48 he committed suicide by gunshot (his father died aged 35 from psychosis) ; son of insurance solicitor George Frederick Ashe (West Newton Pennsylvania 8.oct.1890-17.aug.1925 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania) and Frances Emma Briceland (Pittsburgh 11.aug.1886-sep.1972 Pittsburgh) ; 6.mar.1940 in Miami Broward he married Mildred Marguerite Munnell (Canonsburg 22.jun.1918-24.dec.1979 Miami) with illegitimate daughter Carol

Title Parts

[] Concert suite. Wind band
1963 Ostwald award winning composition
pub Volkwein Bros., Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 1963
[] 1 - Fanfare and scherzo
[] 2 - Andante religioso
[] 3 - Allegro vivace
[] Sinfonia. Wind band
pub Volkwein Bros., Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 1966

[] Fourth adventure. Brass ensemble with percussion (4 trumpets, 4 horns, 3 trombones, euphonium, tuba, tympani, cymbals, snare drum)
pub Southern Music Co., San Antonio Texas 1967

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