Asher, Angelo Andrew 26.sep.1858-6.feb.1937 England, London Mile End Old Town - London Lambeth
organist, theatre and cinema conductor, composer and arranger of popular songs, born at 3 Grosvenor Street in Mile End, studied music at the Royal Academy of Music in London and in Paris, for 50 years organist for all special functions at the Central Jewish Synagogue Great Portland Street, he became most famous for the song 'Ta-ra-ra boom-de-ay' of which he was only the arranger but is often credited as the composer, 1881 as musician residing with his parents at 262 Westminster Road in Lambeth, 1885-1892 as professor of music residing at 41 Lambeth Palace Road, 17.mar.1885 initiated at the freemason Camden Lodge, 1888-1903 musical director of Tivoli Theatre on the Strand, 1904 conductor at Chelsea Palace, 1.mar.1905 initiated at the freemason Chelsea Lodge, 1934-1937 residing at 79 Monckton Street, Kennington Road London ; son of chemist/perfume manufacturer Moses 'Morris' Asher (London Bethnal Green 1819-3.sep.1895 Lambeth) and Emma Rachel Fricker (Gravesend Kent 1837-1899 Lambeth) ; he never married but lived with his sister professional pianist Rosa Asher (Bethnal Green 1862-)

Title Parts

[] May bloom. 1893
composed by permission of the Duke of Teck in honour of his daughter's engagement to Prince George (1910-1936 King George V)

[] Ta-ra-ra boom-de-ay. Song
new words by Richard Morton
music Alfred Moor-King, arranged by Angelo A. Ascher
pub Charles Sheard & Co., London 1892

[] The Wilhelmj valse for the pianoforte
pub London 1877

[] The Fan. Waltz. Piano
pub J. B. Cramer & Co., London 1885

[] Naughty Biddy Macarty. Song. Voice and piano
words E. V. Page, sung by J. W. Rowley
pub Francis Bros. & Day, London ?1885

[] My sweetheart is a sailor. Song. Voice, chorus and piano
words Morris Asher, sung by Miss Ruby Carleton
pub C. Welford, London 1886

[] Lovely eyes. Valse on Charles Coborn's song "Two lovely black eyes". Piano
pub Francis Bros. & Day, London 1887

[] Up! up!! up!!! and down! down!! down!!!, or, The modern Mephistopheles. Song. Voice and piano
words Gamma Phi, sung by Tom Squire
pub Francis Bros. & Day, London 1888

[] Mounsey. Humorous song. Voice and piano
words Albert Chevalier, sung by Harry Brett
pub Reynolds & Co., London 1894

[] That's where they found me. Song. Voice and piano
words Richard Morton, sung by George Robey
pub Howard & Co., London 1894

[] La reponse du coeur. Suite de valses. Piano
pub B. Cocks & Co., London 1895

[] The lifeguardsman
words Richard Morton, sung by Little Tich
pub Francis, Day & Hunter, London 1895

[] This'll do. Song. Voice and piano
words Richard Morton, sung by James Fawn
pub Hopwood & Crew, London 1895

[] The darkie boatmen. American sketch. Piano
pub Francis, Day & Hunter, London 1903

[] Ma divinite. Morceau de salon for pianoforte
pub J. E. Dallas, London 1904

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