Ashford, Emma Louise Hindle (fem) 27.mar.1850-22.sep.1930 USA Delaware, Newark - Tennessee, Nashville
organist, alto singer, 1862 organist at the Episcopal Church in Kewanee Illinois, 1869 alto singer and organist at St John's Episcopal Church in Chicago Illinois, 1884 she moved to Nashville where she became Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds at Vanderbilt University, she was active in the musical life of the university and began to compose ; daughter of wool trader James Hindle (England 1816-) and Elizabeth Picksasgill (England 1815-) ; 1869 in Nashville she married engineer John Ashford (England, Bath 9.jun.1837-22.oct.1930 Nashville)

Title Parts

[] My task. Soprano and organ
Marie Hayward-Segal, Kevin Bowyer. Symposium 1175

[] Vanderbilt Ode. 1901
written for the 25th anniversary of Vanderbilt University

[] The Prince of peace. Cantata
[] Evelyn. Hymn
Methodist Hymnal 1911

[] Hymn tune Sutherland. 1905
to the hymn O Son of man Thou madest known. words Milton S. Littlefield. 1916
Methodist Hymnal 1911

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