Ashley, George Franklin 11.apr.1854-8.sep.1908 England Nottinghamshire, Retford Ordsall - Lancashire, Southport
violinist, organist, 24.feb.1865 aged 10 baptized together with 4 brothers and 1 sister in East Retford, 1881 as organist and teacher of music residing with his parents at 31 Grove Street in Retford, b1891 organist to His Grace the Duke of Newcastle, 1891 as organist and teacher of music residing with wife, daughter and a servant at 29 Park Street in Worksop Nottinghamshire, 1894 as music teacher, professor of music residing at 32 Carolgate Retford, 3.apr.1894 he gave a concert and dramatic entertainment with his pupils in aid of the Cottage Hospital Nurse Fund of Retford, 1894 Miss Gyles was a pupil violin and Miss Stotbert a pupil organ of him in Retford, 24/31.mar.1895 he played the organ in the public services of Sunday at the Retford Wesleyan Sunday School Anniversary, 1901 living on own means with wife and daughter at 46 Rou Lane in Southport, 1908 as 'gentleman' residing at Leyland Road ; son of photographer/mechanic John Ashley (Nottinghamshire, Warsop bap.30.dec.1827-23.sep.1906 Retford) and Sarah Stubbings (Yorkshire, Finningley 1826-1893 Retford) ; 22.feb.1883 in New Basford and 1884 in East Retford he married Sarah Elizabeth Bingham (Retford 1856-1927 Lancaster)

Title Parts

[] Marie. Valsette pour deux violons et piano
pub E. Ashdown, London 1896

[] Pensee celeste. Rhapsodie pour violon et piano
pub E. Ashdown, London 1896

[] Allegro pomposo. Organ
pub The Organist's Quarterly Journal, London 1897

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