Ashley, John James 6.mar.1771-5.jan.1815 England, London - London
organist, pianist, organist at Tavistock Chapel and Covent Garden Theatre, he was most famed as singing teacher ; brother of Christopher and Charles Jane

Title Parts

[] Three Sonatas for the piano forte, with an accompaniment for the violin. op1
pub The Author, London c1790
[] A Sonata for the piano forte with the additional keys.. and violin. op2
pub Longman & Broderip, London c1790

[] Three canzonets for one and two voices, with an accompaniment for the piano forte. op5
pub Thomas Skillern, London 1799
[] 1 - Why heaves by fond bosom
[] 2 - Where love has once fix'd his abode
[] 3 - Clos'd in love's embow'ring shade
[] A Rondo, for the piano forte
pub Phipps & Holloway, London 1816

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