Ashley, Josiah bap.2.may.1756-7.jul.1814 England Somerset, Swainswick - Bath
flutist, oboist, active and 1794 residing in Bath Somerset, 1794 member of the New Musical Fund, 1812 he subscribed to 'Trifles in Rhyme' by his brother John, he was for nearly 40 years member of the Pump-room and theatrical bands in Bath ; son of Joseph Ashley (c1720-15.jan.1772 Swainswick) and Hannah Deek (1724-29.apr.1891 Swainswick) who married 12.feb.1745 at the abbey St Peter and St Paul in Bath ; brother of composer John Ashley 'of Bath' ; 22.apr.1787 at Saint James in Bath he married Ann Gordon (-1842 Bath) ; daughter Mary Hannah (Bath 21.aug.1793-), daughter Elizabeth Ann (Bath 1.may.1795-)

Title Parts

[] Royal Dorsetshire march. 2 Flutes, 2 clarinets, 2 trumpets, 2 horns and double bass. London c1795
[] The Royal Dorsetshire march
as repeatedly perform'd before their Majesties at Weymouth
composed.. for that occasion.. properly arranged for the piano forte
pub Printed & sold at A. Bland & Weller's, London 1797

[] Twelve Duetts, for two German flutes
pub Preston & Sons, London c1795

[] Madm Hillisberg & Monsr Laborie's dance in L'Offrande a Terpischore (ballet by Cesare Bossi). Arranged as a Rondo for the piano forte by J. Ashley
pub L. Lavenu, London c1798

[] Six duetts, for two German flutes. Opera primo. op1
pub Printed for the author, Bath c1800

[] A Collection of favorite Rondos & Airs with variations for two flutes or flageoletts
pub Printed by William Milhouse, London 1804

[] I love to haunt the cooling streams, a pastoral ballad
the words & melody by an amateur, arranged for the piano forte by Josiah Ashley
pub J. Fentum, London c1805

[] Six divertimentos, for the piano forte and patent flageolet, flute or violin
pub The author, Bath 1807

[] The sky lark. A duett for patent flageolet or flute and piano forte
pub Button & Whitaker, London 1809

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