Ashley 'of Bath', John bap.26.feb.1764-27.mar.1838 England Somerset, Swainswick - Bath
singer, bassoonist, the 'of Bath' was to distinguish him from the London bassoonist, he received his musical lessons from his brother composer Josiah Ashley, 1774-1823 he played as bassoonist at the Bath Concerts and Theatre Royal, he sang at the concerts of the Harmonic Society and Vauxhall Gardens in Bath, 1794 residing in Walcot near Bath, 23.jan.1799 he made his will, 1812 residing at Wade's Passage in Bath he published the words of his most popular songs in 'Trifles in Rhyme', 6.oct.1814 he was declared bankrupt as music and musical instrument seller and dealer, 26.dec.1823 he sent a letter to publisher and music seller in London John D Sainsbury ; son of Joseph Ashley (c1720-15.jan.1772 Swainswick) and Hannah Deek (1724-29.apr.1891 Swainswick) who married 12.feb.1745 at the abbey St Peter and St Paul in Bath ; 23.apr.1794 at the abbey St Peter and St Paul in Bath he married Sarah Hemmings (Bath 26.apr.1764-) ; daughter Ann (Bath 25.feb.1795-), daughter Sarah (Bath 28.jun.1797-)

Title Parts

[] The poor orphan maid, a favorite ballad
written & composed by J. Ashley
pub Clementi, Banger, Hyde, Collard & Davis, London 1805

[] Honest Ben or Nautical philanthropy
sung with the greates applause by Mr. Tylor at the Theatre Royal Haymarket
pub Bland & Weller, 23 Oxford Street, London c1805

[] England's king & England's glory, the heroes of Egypt & Maida, a military song
Sung with great applause at the late oratorios and at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane by Mr. Braham
written & composed by J. Ashley
pub Goulding, Phipps D'Almaine & Co., London 1806

[] Dancing days, a trifle
sung with great applause by Windsor at the Theatres Royal, Bath & Bristol
pub Bland & Weller, London 1807

[] The celebrated Quakers song "My name's Obadiah"
sung by Mr. Edwin at the Theatres Royal, Bath and Bristol
pub Printed for the author, Bath c1810

[] The heart that o'erflows with good nature. A new ballad
written & composed by J. Ashley
pub W. Dover, London 1811

[] Poor Joe the marine. Ballad
sung by Mr. Taylor
written & composed by J. Ashley
pub G. Walker, London 1813

[] England's Queen & England's Glory, a favorite song
arranged with a accompt for the piano forte by Robert Guylott
pub Duncombe & Moon, London c1850

[] The origin of old batchelors "Dame Nature one day in a comical mood". Admired comic song. b1812
pub C. Sheard, London 1874

[] The village festival. Ballad Interlude in one act. Musical play. b1812 [] - Sylvia's song "Attend" published by Clementi & Co., London
[] - Song "O how gay" published by Bland & Weller, London
[] - Song "My love is so pretty" published by Clementi & Co, London
[] - Song "O grant me ye powers" published by Bland & Weller, London
[] Murdock Delany's description of Bath. b1812
written at the request of the late Mr. Hutley, and excellently delivered by him at the Theatres Royal Bath and Bristol

[] Nautical gratitude. Ballad
pub Clementi & Co., London b1812

[] Tom and Susan. Ballad
pub Preston, London b1812

[] Unanimity. Ballad
pub Bland & Weller, London b1812

[] Sailor's creed. Ballad
pub Bland & Weller, London b1812

[] Boney at Bayonne or Spanish olive and English oak. Song
pub Clementi & Co., London b1812

[] A Wonderful song
pub Bland & Weller, London b1812

[] Chapter of Volunteers or A new way to defend old England. Song
pub Bland & Weller, London b1812

[] Quaker's song or Bundle of proverbs. b1812
[] Lads of the ocean. b1812
[] Stanzas, on the Arch-Duke Charles's victory. b1812
[] Country boy's description of Bath. b1812
[] Irish description of Lord Howe's victory on the first of June 1794. b1812
[] The return of peace. b1812
[] Unfortunate lover's lamentation. b1812
[] Parker, Nelson and Greaves or Sound argument. b1812
[] Canal song. b1812
sung at a general meeting of the proprietors of the Berks and Wiltshire Canal

[] Prospects. b1812
[] On a musical performance at Warminster near Bath "Then we've basses enough". b1812
[] Kissing (supposed to be adressed by a Lady to a Gentleman, to whom she refused a kiss). b1812
[] The Seasons, a burlesque. b1812
a specimen of modern pastoral poetry, as a sample of Vauxhall songs

[] Chancellor of the Exchequer making woodcocks and snipes game. b1812
[] Jeudesprit on Mr. Langton. 22may1812
written on hearing Gore Langton Esq. had all his hot-house and green-house lights destroyed by a violent hail storm, just after he had decined the contest for the last Somerset election

[] A father's birth-day present to his daughters. b1812
[] Effects of reflection or Antipodes. b1812
[] Miss Feron and her master. b1812
written on hearing Miss Feron sing, accompanied on the violin by her master Mr. Cobham at the Bath Concerts

[] Verse on the death of Nelson. b1812
[] Verse on the death of Collingwood. b1812
[] English gardener's lamentation for the loss of his laurel. A doleful ditty. b1812
[] Dear native village. b1812
[] Maria. b1812
lines adressed to a young lady with whom the author accidentally travelled from London to Bath

writing: pamphlet (in answer to Richard Clark's work) Reminiscences and Observations respecting the origin of God save the King. Bath 1827
writing: pamphlet A Letter to the Rev. W. L. Bowles, supplementary to the Observations. Bath 1828
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