Ashton, Archey 'Archie' Thomas Lee 12.oct.1873-9.apr.1943 England Oxfordshire, Oxford Headington - Scotland, Edinburgh
organist, choirmaster, born at 3 Stockmore Street Cowley Road, 1880 residing at Masset Lodge on Banbury Road in Oxford, MD from St Giles Chapel Oxford, studied organ at Winchester Cathedral and 1891 with William Prendergast in Edinburgh, 1891-1892 organist/choirmaster of the Private Chapel of St Margaret in Biel Scotland, 1892-1894 of St Peter's in Musselburgh, 1894-1902 of Christchurch in Morningside Edinburgh, 1902-1937 of St Paul's Episcopal Church and St George's York Place in Edinburgh, 1897-1915 master of the orchestral class at Edinburgh Academy, 1902-1919 music master at Fettes College, 1902-1937 director of music at Ry Blind School, 1910-1937 music master at George Watson's Ladies College, 1914-1929 lecturer in music at Edinburgh Episcopal Training College, 1920-1937 residing at 22 East Claremont Street in Edinburgh ; son of gardener William Ashton (Oxfordshire, Kirklington 1848-1933 Berkshire, Maidenhead) and Emily Elizabeth Lee (Oxford Cowley 1851-) ; he married Helen Prendergast (1871-)

Title Parts

[] Vesper hymn. Mixed choir
pub Novello & Co., London 1896

[] A May-day dream. Operetta-cantata for children. London 1900
libretto W. N. Marsh Stone
pub Vincent Music, London 1900

[] The hearts devotion. Song. 1908
[] Scherzo fantasia in d. Organ
pub Stainer & Bell, London 1922

[] Capriccio. Organ
pub Stainer & Bell, London 1925

[] The song of the fairy queen. Two-part song for ladies voices
words Kathleen M. Grant
pub Stainer & Bell, London 1927

[] Benedicte, omnia opera, a shortened form of the canticle
pub Stainer & Bell, London 1931

[] Cantilena. Cello and piano
pub Stainer & Bell, London 1938

[] Two pieces for viola and pianoforte
pub Stainer & Bell, London 1900-1938
[] 1 - Landler
[] 2 - Tarantella
[] If there were dreams to sell, an unaccompanied three part song for ladies voices
words Thomas Lovell Beddoes

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