Ashton, Charles Butterworth 22.dec.1858-19.dec.1936 USA Pennsylvania, Phoenixville - West Donegal
not identified as musician or composer but all his freemason commanderies had bands, druggist, pharmacist by profession, member of the freemason Lodge No.190, graduated from Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, 1861 his parents moved to Norristown Bridgeport, 1880 as janitor residing with his parents at Second Street in Norristown Bridgeport, 1888-1890 druggist at an Insane Asylum in Norristown, 1900-1904 as pharmacist residing with wife, son, his sister Sarah and a servant at 429 Arch Street in Norristown, 26.dec.1900 residing in Norristown he was appointed the new coroner of Montgomery county, 24.jun.1900 he was elected Fourth ward of Montgomery county in the Republican quayite sweep, 1910 as prescription pharmacist residing with wife, son and his sister Sarah at 99 Mermon Street in Asheville North Carolina, 1924-1925 music publisher in Phoenixville Pennsylvania (this cannot be verified but Phoenixville was the postoffice city for Norrisville), 1930 residing in Norristown as retired pharmacist he was guest at the Masonic Homes of the Right Worshipful Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania in West Donegal, 27.may.1932 as member of the Hutchinson Commandery No.32 of Norristown and Knight Templar of the Masonic Homes in Elizabethtown he was guest at an entertainment, parade and dinner with music by the many bands accompanying the different commanderies, 1933 residing with his wife at the home of his son in Asheville North Carolina, he died at the Masonic Homes Hospital in West Donegal and was buried at the Masonic Homes Cemetery in Elizabethtown ; son of blacksmith/salesman Charles Saidine Ashton (England, Sheffield 1815-c1882 Norristown) and Caroline Butterworth (England 1823-a1896 Norristown) who immigrated 23.jun.1848 ; 22.jun.1896 at the First Presbyterian Church in Norristown he married Mary Ruch (Norristown 1869-9.nov.1933 Asheville) ; son John Frederick Lang Ashton (Norristown 22.aug.1898-21.apr.1967 Asheville)

Title Parts

[] Our leader. March. Wind band
music Charles B. Ashton - most likely Charles Butterworth Ashton (1858-1936)
pub B. F. Wood Music Co., Boston Massachusetts 1897

[] The undaunted crusader. March. Piano
music Foreman A'Levelle
pub Charles B. Ashton, Phoenixville Pennsylvania 3nov1924

[] The band-masters choice. Grand march
music Charles B. Ashton - most likely Charles Butterworth Ashton (1858-1936)
arr. for band W. H. Mackie
pub Charles B. Ashton, Phoenixville Pennsylvania 2nov1925

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