Ashton, John 1830-27.dec.1896 Wales, Trefeglwys - New Zealand, ?
born in a house named Oleuddu near Trefeglwys, shoemaker by trade but after an accident he joined the police force, 1874 emigrated to New Zealand, he died on Christmas Day

Title Parts

[] Hymn tune "Trefeglwys". 1857
in the hymnbooks Llyfr Tonau Cynulleidfaol (Congregational Tune Book), Caniadau y Cysegr a'r Teulu (Songs of the Shrine) and Cerddor yr Ysgol Sabothol (Family and School Musical Sabbatical)

[] (details unknown). Songs and part-songs in Miwsig y Miloedd
[] Mehefin fwyn. Canig. Partsong in tonic sol-fa notation
Geiriau gan (lyrics) Richard Davies
pub Hughes & Son, Wrexham Wales 1896

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