Ashwell, John William 22.may.1889-1973 England, London Hackney - Paraguay, Asuncion
bandmaster, born at 13 Glyn Road, 19.jun.1889 baptized at Clapton Park All Saints as son of butcher James William and Mary Ann Ashwell, c1910 moved to Paraguay, teacher of Banda de Musica de la 1a Zona Militar based in Conception, then Villa Hayes and 1911-1922 in Pilar, also bandmaster of Banda Municipal in Luque and Banda de Boy Scouts in Pilar, later he was teacher of music at colleges in Asuncion

Title Parts

[] De Boqueron a Arce. Marcha.  Band
[] De Arce a Saavedra. Marcha. Band
[] Samaclay. Marcha. Band
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