Asker, Erik Johan Hilding 20.sep.1910-12.oct.1983 Sweden, Stockholm - Stockholm
organist, choral conductor, 1933-1935 studied organ, cantor and music teaching at Stockholm Conservatory, studied counterpoint with Melcher Melchers, conducting with Olallo Morales and singing with Set Svanholm and Carl Erik Dramstad, 1946 church musician in the parish Sofia in Stockholm, 1948 conductor of the Sofia Chamber Orchestra, 1937-1963 conductor of the Typografiska forenings kor in Stockholm, 1947 of the Qvartettsangar-union, 1964 of Stockholmskoren

Title Parts

[] Kyrkliga kantater. Soloists and male choir
[] En vandrare spelar. Zigenar-vals
words Paddock
pub Elkan & Schildknecht, Emil Carelius, Stockholm 1jun1946

[] Melodi och rytm. 12 sma pianostycken
piano small pieces by Hilding Asker, Otto Forsslund, Sven Korling and Harald Colleen
pub A. b. Nordiska musikforlaget, Stockholm, 1jan1946

[] Som sadden fornimmer. Male choir
pub Elkan & Schildknecht, Stockholm 1980

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