Aspa, Edwin 6.may.1835-17.aug.1883 England, London Westminster - Lincolnshire, Hackthorn near Lincoln
organist, professor of music in London, 28.jun.1835 baptized at Trinity Church in Marylebone, 1870 piano dealer in Painswick Gloucestershire, 1880 as professor of music and teacher of music residing at The Hall in Hackthorn ; son of professor of music Stellario Aspa (Messina 1800-8.jul.1857 Westminster) and Martha Waite (London c1810-1865 Southwark) ; he never married ; brother of Rosario ; nephew of Mario

Title Parts

[] Adelina. Valse de salon. Piano. 1853
[] Ninetta. Schottische for the pianoforte with accompaniment for the cornet a pistons. 1858
[] Coronella. Mazurka for the pianoforte. 1859
[] Estelle. Ballade pour piano. 1862
[] Evelina. Seconde ballade pour piano. 1864
[] La Victoire. Galop brillant pour piano. 1864
[] Romance pour violoncelle ou violon et piano. 1864
[] Tootsicums polka. Piano. 1866
[] L'Attaque. Galop brillant pour piano. 1866
[] Belle Indienne valses. Orchestra. 1866
[] Come live with me and be my love. Song. 1866
the words by Marlowe

[] Psyche. Triumphal march. Piano. 1867
[] When summer days are flying, from The statue bride. Ballad. 1868
[] The statue bride. Operetta. London 1869
libretto Vincent Amcotts
pub Ollivier & Co., London 1870

[] Endymion. Pastorale. Cantata. 1871
words Vincent Amcotts
pub Novello, Ewer & Co., London 1873

[] The Gipsies. Cantata
words Marmaduke E. Browne
pub Novello & Co., London 1872

[] Serenade from Endymion, transcribed for the pianoforte. 1878
[] Orpheus with his lute. Voice and piano
[] The villagers. Cantata
words F. Scarlett Potter

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