Aspa, Rosario 12.jan.1827-15.may.1905 Italy Sicily, Messina - England, Leamington Spa
pianist, organist, choral conductor, chess player, 1846 moved to England, Leamington where he settled as professor of music, private teacher of music and piano dealer, 1866-1905 residing at Priory House/Priory Terrace/Priory Lane with piano shop at 1 Church Street in Leamington ; son of professor of music Stellario Aspa (Messina 1800-8.jul.1857 Westminster) and Martha Waite (London c1810-1865 Southwark) ; 10.mar.1858 at St James Westminster he married Jane Marshall (Staffordshire, Lichfield 1825-8.jul.1911 Leamington) ; brother of Edwin ; nephew of Mario

[not to confuse with his nephew Rosario 'Saro' Aspa 1831-]

Title Parts

[] La Joyeuse. Valse pour piano. 1852
[] Les regrets. Deux esquisses de valse pour piano. 1852
[] La consolation. Nocturne. Piano and concertina. 1853
[] Poor Robin, nursery rhyme. Voice and piano. 1855
[] Sous les tilleuls. Valse-Esquisse, pour le piano a quatre mains. 1857. op9
[] Ocean. Cantata
words Charles H. Bayley
pub Ashdown & Parry, London 1863

[] Joy Bells galop. Piano with cornet accompt. 1865
[] Orange blossom waltz. Piano
pub Ollivier & Co., London 1866

[] The artists' stratagem, a drawing room operetta. 1869
libretto John T. Burgess

[] The soldier's child "Where is my father". Song. 1869
the words by C.L.H.D.

[] Le Velocipede. Valse brillante pour piano. 1869
[] I know who is coming to me. Song. 1869
words J. Dare

[] The Nightingale. Song. 1869
words P. Spenser

[] All my flowers are faded. Song. 1869
words Miss Howell

[] Blooming by our path, love. Song. 1869
words by John T. Burgess

[] The life boat "Good ship bore". Voice and piano
as sung by Mr. Furneaux Cook
words Joseph Dare
pub Published at the Pianoforte Rooms, Leamington 1875

[] Lungi dal suol natio. Barcarola. Voice and piano
pub Published at the Pianoforte Rooms, Leamington 1875

[] Exercises and observations intended to assist in the cultivation of the voice. 1875
[] Past recall. Song. 1878
words E. Oxenford

[] Two choruses or duetts with solos for ladies voices
words E. Oxenford
pub The Author, Leamington Spa 1901
[] 1 - The beautiful night
[] 2 - Fading flowers
[] Oh there is one who loves me. Voice and piano
pub Published at the Pianoforte Rooms, Leamington

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