Aspull, George jun.1813-19.aug.1832 England, Manchester - Leamington Spa (tuberculosis)
pianist, 4.sep.1814 baptized at St Peter in Manchester Bolton-le-Moors, 1822 debuted as pianist in public and 1823 in London, 20.feb.1824 he played for George IV at Windsor Castle, 1825 performed in Paris, with his brothers he made concert tours throughout Great Britain and Ireland, being very short he had to stand at the piano, by the age of 19 he had acquired great fame and was hailed everywhere for his exceptional brilliancy, he was buried in Nottingham where his brother William was living at that time ; the 9th of 10 sons of bookkeeper and amateur violinist Thomas Aspull and Martha Hill who married 18.nov.1798 at St Peter ; brother of composer William and musician Joseph (Bolton-le-Moors 19.jul.1812-)

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[] The posthumous works of George Aspull. London 1837
works for piano edited and published by his father Thomas Aspull
ms British Library, London
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